Casting & Splints

Did you know that physiotherapists are specialists in applying and removing casts and splints?

Our team of Physios have undergone expert training in both application and positioning of casts and splints to allow for maximal healing and minimal rehabilitation post cast/splint removal.

We work closely with your Doctor or Specialist to effectively treat your injuries and conditions that require immobilising.

What we offer:

  • Plaster of paris casts/ backslabs
  • Fibreglass casts
  • Waterproof fibreglass casts
  • Custom made and fitted thermoplastic hand and wrist splints

What is the difference between a cast and a splint?

Splinting can be used as an alternative to casting. The use of splinting is for temporarily immobilising tissues or joints. These splints tend to allow some movement or flexibility that may be required for optimum healing of bone or tissue (injury specific).  Splints are removable to allow for showering or intermittent mobility such as with exercises and are applied at the discresion of you Doctor, Specialist or Physiotherapist.