Dry Needling

Acupuncture is a form of small needle treatment based on a traditional Chinese Medicine approach.  Dry needling is a sub form of acupuncture that has been developed within western medical practice to improve or restore function to altered or dysfunctional tissue.  The focus of dry needling is to restore a muscles appropriate activity, settle muscle spasm and help with pain relief.  This form of needling is widely used throughout the physiotherapy profession as an adjunct to treatment to help more effectively treat your condition.

Most of our physiotherapists are qualified dry needling practitioners, and have trained extensively to effectively utilise dry needling to help expedite your recovery and aid in your rehabilitation.


Does it hurt?

Dry needling uses very fine needles that are designed to be as pain free as possible

Do the needles stay in and for how long?

Depending on what your physiotherapist is wanting to achieve, they may leave the needles in for up to 15 minutes.  They may also simply insert and remove the needles to settle muscle spasm or help reactivate muscle tissue

Why should i have Dry needling?

Dry needling is an effective and minimally invasive technique that allows our practitioners to treat soft tissue structures that are deeper in the body.  It is also a very gentle technique that can help to settle muscle spasm and other pain related symptoms that hands on treatment may not be able to help with (especially at the initial stage of your injury).